This project is located in Germany close to my home city Nürnberg in a small town called Ebersbach where my sister lives with her family.

I designed this house for my niece and goddaughter Malin. She is going to raise her kids in this house with her husband Sebastian on his family’s farm across the street from her parents house. The house was designed with a pitched roof and volumetric composition to fit into the context of the village. The roof structure was constructed from trees that were grown in the forest on the land of this family farm, harvested and prepared by the family. All trades are performed by either the family or friends of the young couple. The house is built with love and resourcefulness by family and friends and I am astonished about the quality of construction and detailing that seems to be the basic standard in this part of Germany but would be considered the highest almost unaffordable level of construction in the US.

The house is located on a parcel at the highest location of the farm with a beautiful far view over the rolling hills of “Mittelfranken”.